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Magistrate Court

The Polk County Magistrate Court is located in Courthouse #2
102 Prior Street
Suite 203
Cedartown, GA 30125

Chief Magistrate
B. Jean Crane

Andrew Roper
Christy Cook Garner

Pam Whiteside

Court Coordinator
Vonnie Gaut

Clerk of Court
Evan Ledford

Deputy Clerk
Genetha Vaughn

Patti Stancil

Court Office - 770-749-2130
Court Fax - 770-749-2186
Clerk of Court - 770-749-2187
Clerk's Fax - 770-749-2189
Rockmart Office 770-684-4718

Civil Matters Lawsuits - On defendants residing in Polk County, $15,000.00 Limit.

Dispossessories - Residential rental evictions in Polk County.

Distress Warrants - Commercial rental evictions in Polk County.

Foreclosures - Possession of collateral on unpaid contract or security agreement.

Garnishments - Employment and bank/contract (from money judgment).

Abandoned Vehicle Foreclosures - Autos, trucks, motorcycle, trailers (including House trailers and campers) and other street vehicles left abandoned by owner.

Criminal Matters

County Ordinance Violations and Animal Control Violations

Bad Check Warrants - After 10 day certified letter sent by merchant (some conditions Make these civil matters).

Search Warrants - For Police Officers and Investigators.

Arrest Warrants Hearing Applications - Includes peace (good behavior) bond.

Preliminary Hearings

Extraditions Hearings

Bail Hearings - For persons arrested on non-capital offenses.

All forms and information may be obtained online at the Council of Magistrate Judges www.georgiacourts.org/councils/magistrate/

On-Line payments www.ezcourtpay.com 

File civil forms on-line www.efilegeorgia.com